How to Buy Products
  1. Mouse over the photo of the Seller Listing you want to purchase and click on the ‘Make Your Offer’ button
  2. Enter the price that you’d be willing to pay for that item and click ‘Submit Offer’ (Immediately you will see any of your Offer that have been Accepted, Countered, or Declined)
  3. Click the link to your Buyer Dashboard, then click the ‘Buy Now’ button to complete the transaction
That’s it! Pretty easy, right?
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make every day like Black Friday?
If you could ask a to buy a product at the price that you want, wouldn't you ask for the discounted price you might be able to get on Black Friday?  Some deals you will get and some you won't at that price. 

How do I determine the price for an item?

  • This is the price you are willing to pay if the transaction were to be completed with a seller who could fulfill your request satisfactorily.
  • Try to think about it from the seller side; “What is the lowest price a seller would be willing to sell it for?'
  • By the way, a ‘Low-ball’ offer has a high chance of being unfulfilled, as well as negatively affecting your ‘Lifetime Buyer Rating’.
Why should BUYERS use Infinite Buyer?
  • For Buyers, Infinite Buyer is simply the most effective way to buy online. When YOU are in control of the transaction, you gain many advantages when purchasing through Infinite Buyer:
  • Buy What You Want. Ever go to a store and they are “Out of Stock” of the item you want? No more! YOU decide the inventory, and let sellers in the marketplace self-identify who has the product.
  • Buy When You Want. Need a birthday present, but there is no sale price at the time you want to buy it? No more! YOU decide when the sale is, and let sellers participate in YOUR sale timeframe.
  • Buy at The Price You Want. Have you ever spent hours driving around town shopping for the best price? No more! YOU decide the price you want to pay for everything you buy.
  • Free to Join. As a buyer, there are no registration fees, no membership fees, no offer fees, and no transaction fees.


What is a 'Buyer Offer'

A Buyer Offer is when a consumer makes an offer at a reasonable price that they are willing to pay for an item, and presents it to one or more sellers. The Buyer Offer is a powerful and revolutionary way for consumers to control the purchasing process like never before.


What does 'Accepted Offers' mean?

A Seller on Infinite Buyer has the opportunity to respond to all relevant offers by Accepting the price that was set by the Buyer Offer without any changes. The buyer may elect to complete or ignore any or all Accepted Offers by Sellers.


What does 'Counter Offer' mean?

A Seller on Infinite Buyer has the opportunity to respond to all relevant offers by making a Counter Offer, in which the seller can change the terms, item, or price to see if the buyer will accept the new terms and price. There is only a single round of counter offer. Buyer may complete or ignore any or all Counter Offers.


What are 'Declined Offers'?

A Seller may choose to not reply to a Buyer Offer at all by simply declining the offer, at which time the Buyer Offer is removed from the Seller’s current offers tab and moved to the declined offers tab.


How much does Infinite Buyer cost to use?

  1. For buyers, Infinite Buyer is completely FREE to register and use.
  2. For sellers, there is a NO charge to register for the 'No Risk' level subscription, and a small percentage fee at the time of transaction. For higher level subscriptions there is a small monthly subscription fee, a lower percentage transaction fee, and includes additional features. Infinite Buyer receives a small transaction percentage depending on the Seller subscription level and the type of product. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for latest fee structure.


Who determines the price for the item?

You do! This is how Infinite Buyer is so different and revolutionary! You, the Buyer, are in charge of determining the price you are willing to pay, not necessarily the full retail price a seller wants to sell the item for.


How is Infinite Buyer different than Amazon?

  • Amazon is a retail online shopping site. Infinite Buyer is a LESS than retail online shopping site.
  • Amazon lists products at a fixed price. On Infinite Buyer, BUYERS determine the ‘Offer’ price.


How is Infinite Buyer different than EBay?

EBay is a “forward auction” style e-commerce website, and 'Buy It Now' a fixed price retailer. Infinite Buyer is not an auction style model at all, and does not have fixed prices.


How is Infinite Buyer different than Priceline?

  • Priceline is a ‘Blind Offer’ style online shopping site for travel related services only. As a shopper, you will not know the exact hotel you want until after you have paid for it. And for flights you will not know the exact time of flight until after you have purchase it.
  • On Infinite Buyer, BUYERS determine the exact specifications of the service or product they want before they buy it, so everything is known at all times to both buyers and sellers.


Who are the sellers?

Our registered sellers are Amazon and EBay sellers, existing local merchants, store owners, restaurant owners, consultants, contractors, or service providers. They are typically existing businesses who sell products and services. Very few of our sellers are individuals without a business