How to Sell Your Products
  1. Create a Seller Listing for every product you want to sell on Infinite Buyer
  2. Include an Accept Price and a Decline Price (read instructions/definitions on that page to understand what these mean)
  3. Now simply wait until buyers have come to our site, select your listing, make an accepted Buyer Offer, and complete the PayPal transaction.
You will get an email notification from Infinite Buyer instructing you how to view the order details so you can ship out the product.
That’s it! Pretty easy for you, right?
  1. What are the costs for sellers to sell on Infinite Buyer?  For Sellers, there are no listing fees. There are two levels of subscriptions 1) The "No Risk" level there is no monthly charge, and the Infinite Buyer transaction fee is 15% after the item is sold; 2) The Professional Level subscription there is a $25/month fee, and a 10% Infinite Buyer transaction fee after the item is sold.
  2. How is Shipping handled? One of our important marketing messages for us to attract consumers is that on Infinite Buyer, "shipping is free". What this means for sellers is that you must include any standard shipping costs in your Accept Price (see below). 
  3. How do I create a Seller Listing? Register and select "yes" for the question "Do you wish to sell on Infinite Buyer". Then click on the Seller Dashboard on the top navigation. Click the yellow button labeled "Create Your Seller Listing" and fill out all the mandatory fields. 
  4. What are the Automated Selling Rules?  The ASR determine the automated responses to Buyer Offers so sellers do not have to manually evaluate or reply to each buyer offer. 
  5. What is the Accept Price - and how do I determine it?  This is defined as the lowest price you are willing to sell your item for (including product costs, margin, tax, shipping, Infinite Buyer transaction fee), think of this as the minimum 'floor' price, and you may get above this price from an offer. If a Buyer Offer comes in at or ABOVE the Accept Price, the ASR automatically send an Accept response to the buyer, and they may click the 'Buy Now' button at the offered price, which could be higher than the Accept Price. 
  6. What is the Decline Price - and how do I determine it?   This is defined as the price at which you will not even make a counter offer because the gap is too wide and the buyer will most likely not transact at the counter offer price. If a Buyer Offer comes in at or BELOW the Decline Price, the ASR automatically send a Decline response to the buyer, and they will not be able to transact.
  7. What is a Counter Offer?  If a Buyer Offer comes in between the Accept and Decline prices, the the ASR will automatically make a Counter Offer response to the buyer AT the Accept Price, and the buyer may click the 'Buy Now' button at the Counter Offer Price, which is the same as the Accept Price.
  8. Why should SELLERS use Infinite Buyer?  For Sellers, Infinite Buyer is the most effective way to sell online. When you participate in our community of Ready-To-Buy buyers, you gain many advantages as a seller: a) Faster Revenue. Don’t wait for an auction to finish in 2 weeks, don’t wait for traffic to develop on your websites, don’t wait for the decision-approval-sales cycle; b) Get in front of Ready-to-Buy buyers and select the deals you want to participate in. Need to move your inventory today – accept a lower offer. Need more margin tomorrow, then only accept higher offers, it’s your choice. c) Fulfill instead of 'Sell'. Not a natural born sales person? Hate negotiating? Don’t bother with all that hard work…Infinite Buyer is the platform that takes care of the negotiating for you. You become a fulfillment operation by simply accepting offers online. d) Reduce Costs. Why spend so much money figuring out how to generate traffic, visitors and leads only to have 1% convert to a sale? Why not let the buyers come to you when they are ready to buy – much higher conversion to a sale.
  9. What is a 'Buyer Offer'? A Buyer Offer is when a consumer makes an offer at a reasonable price that they are willing to pay for an item, and presents it to one or more sellers. The Buyer Offer is a powerful and revolutionary way for consumers to control the purchasing process like never before.
  10. How is Infinite Buyer different than Amazon?  Amazon is a retail online shopping site. Infinite Buyer is a LESS than retail online shopping site where consumers make an offer to buy at the price that correlates to their perceived value of the item. Amazon lists products at a fixed price, and sellers will never get more than the posted price. On Infinite Buyer, BUYERS determine the ‘Offer’ price, which in some cases will be higher than the minimum acceptable price a seller would take.
  11. How is Infinite Buyer different than EBay?  EBay is a “forward auction” style e-commerce website, and consumers do not have to wait 2 weeks to find out if they can purchase the item. EBay's 'Buy It Now' model is simply a fixed price retail model. Infinite Buyer is not a forward or reverse auction and does not have fixed prices because each consumer has a different value for an item and Infinite Buyer allows sellers to more closely match this value and make more sales.
  12. How is Infinite Buyer different than Priceline?  Priceline has been a ‘Blind Offer’ style online shopping site for travel related services only. As a shopper, you will not know the exact hotel you want until after you have paid for it. And for flights you will not know the exact time of flight until after you have purchase it. On Infinite Buyer, we are not in the travel services, and the seller listing determines the exact specifications of the service or product before they buy it, so everything is known at all times to both buyers and sellers.